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Remove the plastic from your dental care routine with this biodegradable dental floss, made from silk coated with candelilla wax and flavoured with peppermint oil. This natural dental floss is completely plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable.


The peppermint-flavoured natural dental floss comes in a neat glass dispenser with an aluminium lid. When you no longer need the dispenser, both the glass vial and the lid are readily recyclable.


Being 30 metres long, the roll of silk dental floss is long lasting, but when you do eventually finish the roll, you can simply drop a refill roll of floss into the dispenser, thread the end of the floss through the top, and carry on using it.


So you can maintain your dental health without ever again having to wrestle with the plastic packaging that typically surrounds standard dental floss.


Key features

Contains 30m of natural silk floss

Plastic free

Floss: Biodegradable and compostable

Dispenser and packaging: recyclable

Floss refills available


Ingredients: Silk, candelilla wax, and peppermint essential oil





Silk Dental Floss


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