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Never run out of ink for your eco cork pen! This box of 10 ink refills will ensure that you can keep reusing your cork pen for years to come.


Presented in a solid recycled cardboard box, this pack of 10 refill units contains 5 blue and 5 black ink refills.


Crafted from sustainable cork and high quality aluminium, the eco cork pen itself is a fully environmentally friendly writing implement, and the availability of the ink refills means that you can use it over and over again. The cork pen and refill pack together would make a perfect gift for an eco conscious writer!


The ink refills are made of aluminium which is widely recycled, and the packaging is recyclable and entirely plastic-free.


(Note that there is a tiny plastic cap on the end of the ink refill units. This should be pulled off before recycling the aluminium ink refill unit.)


Cork Pen Refills


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