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Secure your packages the eco-friendly way with this pretty jute twine, available in a range of attractive colours.


Instead of using sticky tape when wrapping your gifts, try this environmentally friendly twine instead. It's a perfect replacement for ribbon for securing packages, good for threading onto gift tags, and great for any number of craft activities.


The jute twine is supplied in small packages (10m) so that you can mix and match different colours as you wish. Available in:

  • dark green
  • bright green
  • red
  • raspberry
  • ivory
  • natural


The twine is made from super sustainable jute, a vigorous plant which needs very little in the way of pesticides, fertilisers or additional watering. As a completely natural product, the twine (and its packaging) is plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable.



Twine is 2mm thick and 10m long

Plastic free



Recyclable card packaging



Jute Twine


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