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Super soft baby hairbrush with castor oil bristles and a beech wood handle.


This lovely little plastic-free hairbrush is perfect for a baby's first hair. With its carefully shaped FSC certified beech wood handle and its super soft bristles made of castor oil, this natural hairbrush is both gentle on baby and gentle on the planet.


Gentle brushing not only tidies the hair, it also distributes oils to keep it healthy, removes dry skin, and provides a soothing massage for baby.


The bristles of the natural baby hair brush are bio-nylon, which is made from castor oil. As a naturally derived product it does not release microplastics into the environment when in use, and will harmlessly biodegrade.



This sturdy little hairbrush should provide you with many years of use, but when it has outlived its usefulness you can safely add it to your compost bin or green waste collection where it will harmlessly decompose.



Approx 14.5cm long

Handle: FSC certified beech wood

Bristles: Castor oil


Plastic free

Cruelty free

Made in Germany

Natural Baby Hairbrush


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