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This plastic-free bath sponge is a perfectly packaged piece of magic! Available in four gorgeous colours: grape, aqua, lavender and raspberry, the Bath None Sponge is great for personal cleaning without costing the Earth.


The bath sponge is made from soft organic cotton towelling on the outside and a plant-based cellulose sponge on the inside. When it arrives, your sponge will be compressed so that it is stiff and flat, but when wet, it expands into a puffy, soft sponge, which is gentle on the skin whilst helping to create thick foam from your favourite bath products. It is the ideal eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic bath sponge and indeed to a natural sponge.


Handmade in the UK, this plant-based sponge is an essential addition to your eco bathroom. It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable, plastic-free, and reusable alternative to a synthetic bathroom sponge. Ideal for anyone aiming for a zero-waste lifestyle.


The washable bath sponge is vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Care and use

Soak thoroughly in water before each use to soften the sponge and allow it to expand.

Rinse after each use, wring it out and leave to dry (it has a handy hanging loop for this).


The sponge can be machine washed along with your normal laundry (up to 60 degrees), and then hung on the line to dry. (Do not put it in the tumble drier!)



This eco-friendly bath sponge is sturdily made, but when it has outlived its usefulness for personal cleaning, try using it as part of your household cleaning routine. And when it’s no longer suitable for that, cut it up and put it in your green waste bin or your compost bin where it will harmlessly biodegrade.



100% plastic-free

Dimensions: approx 12cm x 15.5cm x 0.5cm

Cotton towelling outer
Plant-based cellulose inner

Machine washable

Vegan friendly



Washable Bath Sponge

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