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Encourage skin cell renewal by using our wooden exfoliating body brush to remove dead skin cells before your shower. Gently brushing your skin stimulates the circulation leaving it feeling smoother and healthier with a natural glow.


The body brush is completely plastic free, so you can be confident that you are not releasing any micro-plastics into the environment as you use it. 


This chunky body brush sits nicely in  your hand, making it easy to use whilst gliding it over your skin. 


The handle of the body brush is made from 100% FSC certified sustainable beechwood, and the bristles are made from sisal. Both the handle and the bristles are completely compostable and biodegradable so will break down harmlessly in the ground when the brush is no longer required.


Using the brush

Use the exfoliating body brush to very gently massage your skin before a shower, starting at your feet and working upwards. Use lighter strokes on more sensitive areas of the body. Be sure to moisturise afterwards. 


Never use the body brush on your face or on broken, damaged or sunburnt skin.


If you are unfamiliar with dry brushing, you can find more information here.



Handle: 100% FSC certified beech wood

Bristles: Sisal (from the agave plant)

Dimensions: 10cm diameter

100% plastic free



Wooden Exfoliating Body Brush


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