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Clare (lower left) and Catherine (higher right), founders of Planet Friendly Living, smiling and laughing.

About us

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not.

Dr Seuss, The Lorax

We are Clare Freeman and Catherine Wrench, the people behind Planet Friendly Living.

For the past 12 years we have been working together to support business owners in providing fun and effective after-school childcare. As our own children have grown up, we have been looking towards the future that is in store for them, and decided to take action and create the change we wanted to see.


The first step was making changes in our own lives; limiting our general consumption, in particular the way we use plastic and fossil fuels. We are now trying to abandon single use products, or use sustainable alternatives wherever possible in order to reduce our environmental impact.


Having started the process of changing our own lives, we wanted to share the knowledge we have gained with others, encouraging everyone to make whatever simple swaps they can that will start to make a difference.


From this initial idea, Planet Friendly Living was born. We aim to share information, resources and curated product collections, improve access to sustainable products, and enable everyone to adopt a planet friendly lifestyle.

Check out our Eco Life section for tips and suggestions for eco-friendly living, and for eco-friendly products see our Household, Personal Care, Kitchen and Gifts sections.

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