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Explore our range of sustainable, eco-friendly and zero waste gift and stationery items. There are no single-use plastics in any of the gift or stationery items in our store, and they are all biodegradable or recyclable after they have outlived their usefulness. In our Gifts and Stationery department you will find a collection of printed paper tapes for wrapping your presents and parcels the eco-friendly way, as well as washi tape and pretty recycled wrapping paper.


We have wooden highlighter pencils, cork pens and cotton paper notebooks. We also have a selection of items which make great gifts such as our relaxation candles, beeswax tealights, scented shampoo bars, and some fun ideas like our mobile phone stands and bamboo trinket pots!


For more eco-friendly products, check out our Household, Personal Care or Kitchen departments too.

Browse our full range of gifts and stationery below, or if you already know what you want, jump straight into our dedicated Stationery, Gift Ideas, Candles or Gift Wrapping collections.

How to be eco-conscious when gifting

There are many ways to be eco-conscious when choosing gifts. Checking that the gift will be used and appreciated is a good first step, to ensure that your present does not go to waste. Then look out for items that are sustainably made, come in plastic-free packaging and are recyclable or biodegradable when finished with. Our cork pens and plantable notebooks are good examples of presents that are useful, beautiful, and eco-friendly. If you are looking to give someone a special treat, what about some luxurious hand cream (in a recyclable tin) or a calming beeswax candle, or maybe a special baby pamper set for a new mother? 

Another approach is to give people something that they might not be able to buy for themselves. For example, reusable versions of common items are often more expensive than their single-use equivalents, so can be out of reach for those on low incomes. A reusable takeaway coffee cup or reusable coffee filter would make a good gift for anyone with a caffeine habit, whilst our kitchen starter set would make an excellent housewarming present.

Whatever present you give, remember to be eco-conscious when wrapping it too. You could re-use old wrapping paper, wrap it in a piece of pretty material or upcycle an empty box into a gift bag. If you fancy new wrapping paper, check whether it is printed on recycled paper, and whether it is recyclable (shiny paper or paper with glitter usually isn't). You can secure your present with ribbon or string, or you can try one of our decorative paper tapes that are super strong whilst still being completely plastic-free and recyclable.


You will find many more ideas for eco-friendly gifts and stationery items, in this section of our eco store.

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