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A scrubbed kitchen table with plastic-free food and cookery items scattered across


Explore our range of sustainable, eco-friendly and zero waste products for your kitchen. There are no single-use plastics in any of the eco kitchen products in our store, and they are all biodegradable or recyclable after they have outlived their usefulness. Our Kitchen department includes a range of attractive beeswax food wraps which are a great alternative to clingfilm, as well as a smart reusable coffee filter, reusable takeaway coffee cups, a zero waste tea infuser, chunky wooden scoops and organic cotton food bags for your loose produce at the supermarket - and many more eco-friendly kitchen products besides!


For more eco-friendly products, check out our Household, Personal Care or Gifts & Stationery departments too.

Creating a more eco-friendly Kitchen


The kitchen is a great place to start when switching to a more eco-friendly lifestyle because there are so many plastic products that can easily be swapped for more sustainable alternatives. For example, clingfilm is made from soft plastic and cannot be recycled, so a greener alternative is to use beeswax (or vegan wax) wraps or elasticated cotton covers to seal and protect food items. Silicone lids are also effective and last really well, so are worth considering as a replacement for single use clingfilm, however they do take an extremely long time to biodegrade so are not necessarily the greenest option.


Kitchen cleaning utensils such as plastic sponges, plastic scourers and plastic washing up brushes can be very simply swapped for cellulose sponges, coconut scourers and bamboo brushes - all of which are made from sustainable materials and are biodegradable. Single or limited use items, such as take-out coffee cups, lunch bags, coffee filters, paper kitchen towel, and 'disposable' picnic cutlery, can be gradually replaced with reusable alternatives that should give you many years of use and can then be safely recycled or composted.

Browse through the eco kitchen products in this section for more inspiration on how to make your kitchen plastic-free!

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