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Be my eco-friendly valentine

Updated: May 28

Buying gifts for occasions like Valentine's Day can seem to be at odds with aiming to be eco-friendly and consuming less. Yes, there are some people who would prefer just a heart-felt message, but many people really like to receive gifts, however small, and even more people enjoy the act of giving.

Selection of eco-friendly products and gift wrapping

So why forgo these simple pleasures? We just need to be more eco-conscious about our giving. For example:

  • Rather than buying imported flowers which have been air-freighted in and therefore have enormous carbon footprints, buy locally grown flowers. Or even better, give a potted plant that will give pleasure for months or years, not just a few days.

  • Instead of buying an extravagant gift, what about a home-cooked meal with a beautifully laid table?

  • Or if you want to buy a more tangible gift, choose something that is sustainably sourced, that is biodegradable or recyclable when it's finished with, and which is entirely plastic-free, such as one of our gorgeous Soul and Soap shampoo bars or a beeswax candle or some pretty wax food wraps.

  • To complete your eco-friendly gift, wrap it in some pretty fabric, a homemade gift bag, or choose recycled wrapping paper and paper sticky tape so that it can all be recycled.

Some recommended items:

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