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Keep your bamboo toothbrush dry and tidy with this neat little bamboo toothbrush stand.


Extend the life of your toothbrush: Being a natural product, bamboo toothbrushes should not be left standing in water between uses. This bamboo toothbrush stand keeps your toothbrush upright so that it dries quickly while the little drain hole in the bottom ensures that no water gathers around the bottom of your brush.


Reduce clutter in your bathroom: As well as helping to keep your toothbrush dry, the toothbrush stand also encourages everyone to put their toothbrush away neatly rather than leaving them lying around your bathroom sink.


Protect the environment: Being made from 100% sustainable bamboo, the toothbrush stand is completely plastic-free and will safely break down in your compost or green waste bin once it has passed its useful life.


All of our bamboo toothbrushes fit into this compact toothbrush stand (we tried them all!).


Price is per single toothbrush stand.



100% sustainable bamboo

Plastic free


Single Toothbrush Stand

£3.50 Regular Price
£2.80Sale Price

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