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For tough cleaning without plastic you can't beat these durable coconut scourers. They're the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic scourers.


Made from the husks of sustainably farmed coconuts, the scourers are great for cleaning hard surfaces such as pots and pans, stoves and baths - and all without scratching. 


The coconut scourers are naturally anti-bacterial and biodegradable. They're extremely long lasting, but when they've outlived their usefulness, just pull them apart and put the remains in your compost bin or green waste collection where they will harmlessly rot down. (There is a small amount of metal inside the scourer which can be recycled.)


Care of the coconut scourer

To prolong the life of the coconut scourer, don't leave it sitting in water for long periods and allow it to dry out between uses.


Key features

Pack contains two long lasting scourers

Each scourer measures approx 11cm in diameter

Plastic free

Free from toxic chemicals

Naturally anti-bacterial


Ethically and sustainably made in Sri Lanka


Catherine says: "We are big fans of these scourers. We use them in our own kitchen for all the greasy pans and they last for literally years."

Coconut Scourer - 2 Pack


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