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This pair of bamboo pot scrubbers are the perfect cleaning workhorses for your home, and are completely biodegradable. Made from sustainable bamboo with sisal bristles, they have lovely rounded handles which sit perfectly in your hand.


The pot scrubbers come as a pair. One has stiffer bristles to use as a scourer, ideal for dealing with dirty pans or muddy boots; the second one has slightly softer bristles, suitable for general washing up or for any number of other uses around the home such as cleaning vegetables (or even your nails).


To prolong the life of your pot scrubbers, rinse them clean after use and allow them to air dry. Don't leave them submerged in water for extended periods of time. Being made entirely of natural materials, they are absolutely not dishwasher safe.


Being sturdily made, your pot scrubbers should last well with normal usage, but when they have finally outlived their usefulness you can just add them to your compost pile (or toss them on the fire).


The pot scrubbers are made from natural, sustainable materials and are 100% plastic-free.


Note: The pot scrubbers come as a pair. A quantity of 1 means one set, consisting of two brushes.



Set consists of two pot scrubbers

Bamboo with sisal bristles


Biodegradable and compostable

Bamboo Pot Scrubbers


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