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Drying your washing on the line is the most eco-friendly laundry choice, and these bamboo clothes pegs are the perfect plastic-free companion. Made of sustainable bamboo, the low tannin content means that they won't stain your clothes unlike some other types of wooden pegs. And unlike plastic pegs, the bamboo clothes pegs are not damaged by the UV in sunlight so don't crack and break after being left out in the sun.


The bamboo pegs are also useful for hanging up children's artwork, clipping bags closed, keeping pairs of wellies together, etc etc.


To prolong their life, store the pegs in a dry place when not in use.



When the pegs have outlived their usefulness, the stainless steel spring can be recycled and the bamboo parts of the peg will naturally biodegrade in your compost bin or your green waste collection.



Made of bamboo

Stainless steel spring

Pack contains 20 pegs

Peg size: approx 7cm x 1cm x 1cm

Unbleached cardboard packaging

100% plastic-free

Recyclable (spring) and biodegradable (body of peg)

Ethically made in China


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Bamboo Clothes Pegs


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