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These eco-friendly laundry detergent sheets will clean your washing  without harming the Earth! The detergent sheets dissolve in your washing machine to release their cleaning power, leaving no residue other than a mild fresh scent.


Made from naturally derived materials that are vegan and biodegradable, these detergent sheets come in a compact cardboard box which saves on transportation and storage costs - as well as taking up much less room in your cupboard!


Each box contains 64 sheets, which works out to as little as 10p per load, so these laundry detergent sheets are kind on your pocket as well as kind to the planet.


Unscented laundry detergent sheets are also available.


How to use

Put your clothes in the washing machine and then place one (or more) of the eco-friendly laundry sheets inside the drum along with the clothes. Use one sheet for a small load, two sheets for a large load, and four sheets for a particularly dirty large load.



Contains 64 sheets 

Washes 64 small loads or 32 large loads

Mild fresh scent

Compact size

Recycled cardboard packaging

100% plastic free

Vegan friendly

Cruelty free

Free from SLS, phosphates and parabens



Each ingredient has been tested and reviewed through an independent body to ensure it causes as little harm to the planet as possible. Most of the ingredients are derived from natural sources and all are biodegradable:

Betaine (from coconuts), Diethanolamide (from coconuts), Fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (from coconuts), Silicone oil (drom natural silica), Flax Scent (from the flaxseed plant), Sodium citrate (from citrus fruits), Silicon dioxide (from natural silica), Edible starch (from the cassava plant), Bentonite (formed from natural volcanic ash & sea water), Clay, AES (from coconuts), Sodium C14-16 Olefin sulfonate (from coconuts), Glycerol(from vegetable fats), Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulphonate (biodegradable), Sodium fatty acid methanesulfonate, Sodium acetate trihydrate (biodegradable), 13-carbon isomeric alcohol ether (biodegradable), Polyvinyl Alcohol (biodegradable)

Laundry Detergent Sheets


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