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There's great stain removing power in this big bar of stain removing laundry soap


This laundry soap is effective at removing stains from fabric, even the really tough stains such as wine, coffee, oil, grease, ink and fruit juice. Trusted by Mediterranean housewives for hundreds of years, this traditional Marseilles laundry soap contains only natural and biodegradable ingredients yet is amazingly tough on stains.


With no animal fats, chemicals or preservatives, the soap comes with minimal packaging - just a paper sleeve - making it a great plastic-free addition to your eco-friendly laundry products.


Although it's tough on stains, the soap is very gentle on the skin. Because it is rich in highly hydrating olive oil, the soap won't dry your hands while you're using it, instead it will leave your skin feeling nicely soft.  It is particularly suitable for people with sensitive skin, during pregnancy and for those with allergies.


How to use

To remove stains from fabric, just wet the laundry soap and the garment, and rub the soap into the stain and the surrounding area. Leave it to soak in for 10 to 15 minutes and then put the garment in your machine and wash as normal.


Effective stain removal without the plastic packaging!


Catherine says: "This stain remover bar has worked like a dream on various laundry stains in our household. It's especially good at lifting greasy marks and residues. I've been really impressed."



Soap weight 300g

Rich in olive oil and clay

All natural ingredients

Suitable for sensitive skin



100% plastic-free

Made in France


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Laundry Stain Remover


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