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A perfect eco-friendly replacement for your plastic dishwashing sponge, this cellulose sponge scourer is made from completely natural materials and won't shed micro-plastics into the water system as you use it.


The absorbent sponge side is ideal for wiping surfaces or washing dishes, and is made from cellulose derived from wood pulp. The scourer side is great for the tougher cleaning of pans and baked on debris, and is made from sisal, a tough fibre made from the agave plant.


Unlike your typical plastic sponge, the natural sponge scourer is resistant to harbouring unpleasant smells and will also last much longer. But when it has finally outlived its usefulness, you can just cut it up and put it in your compost bin as it's 100% biodegradable.


The price is per individual cellulose sponge scourer.


Care of the sponge scourer

To prolong its life, rinse out the sponge scourer after each use and leave it to dry. Do not leave it sitting in water between uses.



Dimensions: 6.5cm x 11cm x 2cm (approx)

Sponge material: cellulose

Scourer material: sisal

100% plastic free








Sponge Scourer


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