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Single bar of pure beeswax, with no added colour or fragrance.


This individual bar of pure beeswax is perfect for any number of uses around the home. For example, you can use the beeswax bar:


  • For refreshing beeswax wraps (or for making your own from scratch)
  • To make a traditional furniture polish
  • To feed and treat leather
  • For waxing threads and other needlecraft applications
  • To unstick a stubborn zip
  • As an ingredient for making your own lip balms, ointments and beauty products
  • For making your own beeswax candles and tealights
  • To help a sticky drawer slide more smoothly


> For instructions on how to use the beeswax bar to refresh your beeswax wraps, see our blog post 'How to refresh beeswax wraps'.


> For instructions on how to make beeswax furniture polish, see our blog post 'Easy DIY beeswax polish'.


Each beeswax bar weighs about 30g and is 75mm (3 inches) long. Note that every bar is hand poured so there will be some slight variation in size between the individual bars of beeswax.


Beeswax is a natural product so there will also be variation in the colour of the beeswax bars, from pale yellow to a deep gold,  depending on the time of year and the range of plants that the bees have been foraging.


The beeswax bars have no added fragrance but retain the natural honey scent of pure beeswax.



100% pure beeswax

Weight approx 30g

Dimensions 75 x 25 x 20mm

No added colour or fragrance


Beeswax Bar


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