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This clever dog travel bowl is made from durable waxed cotton canvas and is ideal for use when you're out and about with your furry friends. And even better - unlike other portable dog bowls - it is completely plastic free.


The foldable bowl packs down easily so it can be stored flat in your bag or rucksack, but it also has a solid clip, so you can hang it on your dog's lead or attach it to your belt so that it is readily accessible.


The canvas bowl is suitable for both dry food and water, so you don't need to worry about taking two bowls with you if you're out for the day.


The waxed cotton fabric of the bowl is very waterproof and will hold the water for up to 30 minutes - ample time to give your dog a good drink. Once the bowl has dried out, it will be fully waterproof again.



Diameter: approx 140mm

Height: approx 90mm

Made of waxed cotton canvas

Solid clip to attach to belt, bag, lead etc

Leather hanging loop

100% plastic-free



Folding Canvas Dog Bowl


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