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A naturally flea and tick repellent shampoo bar for your dog.


Keep your pet clean, healthy and free from unwanted guests with this handmade, plant-based shampoo bar, enriched with neem oil, lavender oil and lemongrass oil:


  • Neem oil has been used for centuries as a flea and tick repellent for pets

  • Lemongrass oil provides a fresh, citrus scent, which repels ticks and fleas

  • Lavender oil is gentle, anti-microbial, and soothing to itchy skin, as well as having deodorising and relaxing properties.


Free from plastics, palm oil, and detergents, this dog shampoo bar contains no artificial fragrances, colourings or additives. The all-natural ingredients help promote a healthy, shiny coat and the carefully selected essential oils help to support overall good health. 


(Note that the shampoo ingredients include sweet almond oil so may not suitable for those with nut allergies.)


How to use

To use, wet your dog's coat then rub a small amount of the shampoo bar onto damp hands or a flannel, then massage into the fur. Alternatively you can rub the shampoo bar directly into the damp fur. Massage in well then rinse off throughly with plenty of clean water. Take care to avoid your dog's eyes.


Key features

Approx 90g (handmade so there is slight variation between bars)

Plastic free and compostable packaging

Free from palm oil and SLS

No artificial fragrances, colourings or additives


Cruelty free

Handmade in Yorkshire



Sodium cocoate, sodium sweet almondate, sodium olivate, sodium castorate, lavendula angustifolia flower oil, cymbopogon flexuosus leaf oil, melia azadirachta seed oil

Dog Shampoo - Flea & Tick Repellent


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