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Keep your compost caddy clean with these compostable food waste bags from EcoLiving. No more icky bits left stuck in the bottom of your caddy when you line it with one of these paper bags!


Not only do the food waste bags make emptying your compost caddy a breeze, but by using them you will be automatically adding a portion of 'browns' (ie carbon) to your compost bin, every time that you empty your caddy. Maintaining a good ratio of 'browns' to 'greens' (eg plant-based waste) is key to successful composting.


The food waste bags are made from waste wood pulp and are 100% biodegradable so can go straight into your compost bin or into your council food waste bin, along with their contents. (This is in contrast to some certified 'compostable' caddy liners made from plant starch, which are banned by some local authority green waste collection schemes because they don't break down fast enough for their composting processes.)


Strong enough to cope with all household food waste, these compostable bags hold 10 litres, and measure 36cm x 20cm x 15cm.


Each pack contains 25 compostable bags.

Compostable Food Waste Bags

£7.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price

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