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Convert the glass ramekins from your favourite dessert pots into useful storage containers with these bamboo pudding pot lids. Don't recycle, upcycle!


These are the pudding pot lids that everyone is going crazy about on TikTok and Instragram.


The perfect size to fit the glass ramekins from Gu desserts, and also their Aldi and Lidl equivalents, these bamboo lids provide a firm water-tight seal. Great  for storing herbs and spices in your cupboard or leftovers in your fridge, they are also ideal for transporting toppings for your yoghurt, snacks for picnics, or the dressing for your lunchtime salad. 


The tight seal of the lid means that they are also great for securely storing small items around the home, such as hair bands, jewellery, or delicate craft materials.


How to buy

The bamboo lids are sold in pairs by default. So if you order 2 pairs of lids, for example, you will receive 4 lids.

If you only want one lid, choose the 'Single lid' option in the dropdown list.


Note that the glass ramekins are not included.



Diameter: 75mm top, 65mm inside

Lid: bamboo

Seal: silicone




Pudding Pot Lids - Pair


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