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Stop throwing your used kitchen roll in the bin! Switch to this washable and reusable bamboo kitchen towel instead.


Made from super sustainable bamboo, the kitchen towel is much stronger and more absorbent than traditional paper kitchen roll. It is perfect for wiping, mopping, dusting, polishing windows and any number of other household tasks.


A roll of bamboo kitchen towel contains 20 sheets, and each sheet can be washed and re-used up to 100 times, so each roll provides up to 2000 uses, massively more than a standard roll of paper kitchen towel.


Compared to paper kitchen towel, the washable bamboo kitchen towel is:

  • much stronger
  • much more absorbent
  • washable and reusable (up to 100 times)
  • made from a sustainable resource (bamboo)
  • plastic-free packaging
  • cheaper per use


How to use

To use the bamboo kitchen towel you just tear off a sheet from the roll as normal - it's super strong and absorbent - but after you've finished your task you toss it in the wash not the bin.


Wash the bamboo kitchen towel sheets with the rest of your laundry at up to 60 degrees. Line dry. (They can be tumble dried if necessary but this does tend to shrink them a little.) When dry, fold or roll the sheets of bamboo kitchen towel so that they're ready to be used again. (Some people keep them neatly in a little wicker basket; I store mine in an old plastic sandwich box.)


Once a sheet is no longer fit for use, it is completely biodegradable. Just tear the sheet into little pieces and pop it in your compost bin or green waste collection. It should break down in around three months.

Clare says "We love this kitchen roll in our house - we've had it for ages but have scarcely made a dent in the roll because we just keep rewashing the used sheets. As well as using it for wiping, I'm finding that a slightly damp sheet is really good for wrapping leafy vegetables or herbs before putting them in the fridge - it helps keep them fresh and crisp."



Made from sustainable bamboo

Each roll contains 20 reusable sheets

Each sheet measures 28cm x 28cm

100% plastic-free






Reusable Bamboo Kitchen Roll


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