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This pack of four Swedish dishcloths (also known as sponge cloths or compostable cloths) will swiftly become indispensable in your eco-friendly kitchen.


Made from plant cellulose (wood fibre) and cotton, you can use these compostable sponge cloths for all wiping, washing up or cleaning tasks in the kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere around the house. The Swedish dishcloths are super-absorbent, as well as being hygienic, robust and reusable over and over again.


This pack contains four Swedish dishcloths, one each of pink, green, blue and yellow, so it's easy to colour-code them for use in different areas around the home. They are supplied folded in half for ease of transport, but each cloth opens out to a generous 172 x 200cm.


When dry, the Swedish dishcloths appear quite stiff and inflexible, but when run under the tap they immediately become soft and pliable like an ordinary kitchen sponge cloth. But unlike conventional sponge cloths, they are completely plastic-free and therefore shed no environmentally polluting micro-plastics when in use, and are fully biodegradable afterwards.


Caring for the Swedish dishcloths

To prolong their life, rinse the dishcloths after each use and leave them to dry, as well as washing them regularly.


The Swedish dishcloths are machine washable up to 60 degrees, or you can pop them in the top deck of your dishwasher. Line dry afterwards.



Made of 70% plant cellulose and 30% cotton, the sponge cloths are completely biodegradable. The cloths will give you many months of use, but when they have outlived their usefulness just tear them up and put them in your compost bin or green waste collection where they will harmlessly rot down.



Pack contains 4 cloths, 1 each of pink, green, blue and yellow

Dimensions when opened out: approx 172 x 200mm 

Wood cellulose and cotton

Machine washable up to 60 degrees

Dishwasher safe on top deck

Completely plastic free

100% biodegradable

Home compostable

Made in Europe

Swedish Dishcloths - Rainbow


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