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Multi-pack containing four child-sized bamboo toothbrushes with soft bristles.


The body of each toothbrush is made from sustainable bamboo, while the bristles are made of BPA-free nylon. Its small size and soft bristles make it ideal for little hands and teeth.


The bristles are coloured red, blue, green or yellow, with the bottom of the handle painted in the same colour - so you will always know whose toothbrush is whose.


Each toothbrush is individually packaged within the multi-pack, making them easy to store or to keep as spares for unexpected visitors, or even to use as little stocking filler gifts.


If you only need one or two toothbrushes rather than a whole multi-pack, you might prefer our single chidren's bamboo toothbrushes.



Pack of four child sized toothbrushes

Made from sustainable bamboo

Length: 145mm (approx)

Soft nylon bristles

Recyclable packaging


Vegan friendly

Toothbrush Multi-Pack - Children's


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