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These bamboo cotton buds are 100% biodegradable and totally plastic-free, as is their simple cardboard packaging. They're ideal for all those little tasks for which only a cotton bud will do!


Cotton buds with plastic sticks are among the most commonly found items of plastic waste washed up on beaches, so swapping to a cotton bud made from a natural material like bamboo is a great environmentally friendly choice.


Whether it's cleaning ears, touching up make-up, perfecting nail varnish, cleaning delicate household items, removing gunk from your keyboard, or any number of arts and crafts applications, these bamboo cotton buds are perfect for the job.


Each recycled paper box contains 400 double-ended cotton buds, made from sustainable bamboo and cotton. Round tubs containing 200 bamboo cotton buds are also available.


These bamboo cotton buds are entirely biodegradable so when you've finished with one, just drop it into your home compost bin or green waste collection, where it will quickly rot down. No need to worry about it later washing up on a beach or harming marine life!



Contains 400 cotton buds

Dimensions: 7cm long (approx)

Stick: sustainable bamboo

Buds: cotton


100% plastic free


Recyclable packaging


(Note that the glass jar is for display purposes only and is not included.)

Bamboo Cotton Buds - 400


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