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These washable and reusable nail varnish remover pads are amazing! If you've already swapped from disposable cotton rounds to washable pads for removing your makeup, now you can do the same for removing your nail varnish.


Made from wool felt squares, the slightly textured surface of the nail varnish remover pads  actually helps to remove nail polish more effectively than using ordinary soft cotton pads. Just add a dab of nail varnish remover (ideally a natural one) to the reusable pad then rub it over your nails to clean off the nail varnish, exactly as you would with a typical cotton pad. But when you've finished, instead of throwing the used pad away, you just wash it and reuse it - over and over again.


Measuring about 7.5cm across, the nail varnish remover pads are handmade from wool in the UK, are eco-friendly and completely plastic free, so are perfect for anyone working towards a more sustainable lifestyle. 


Why choose reusable nail varnish remover pads?

If you paint your nails on average once a week, cleaning off the old polish with at least two cotton rounds each time, this means you would get through 104 single use pads each year, all of them going to landfill. Instead, this one pack of five washable and reusable pads will last you for years.


Caring for your nail varnish remover pads

Rinse out the pads in cold water immediately after use while they're still wet, then leave them to dry flat, ready for the next time. Don't allow the nail varnish to dry on the pads. After washing there may be some residual colour left on the squares, but this won’t affect their use.



Once you’ve applied nail varnish remover to these pads, take care not to put them down onto delicate surfaces such as polished wood before you've washed them, as the chemicals in the nail varnish remover may damage surfaces.



Pack of 5 reusable pads

Material: 100% wool felt

Dimensions: 7.5cm square x 1mm (approx)

Plastic free

Hand washable


Recyclable card sleeve

Handmade in the UK


Reusable Nail Varnish Remover Pads


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