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Maintain your dental health without contributing to plastic waste by swapping to these bamboo interdental brushes.


Made from super sustainable bamboo, these neat little interdental brushes will enable you to properly clean the gaps between your teeth. The bristles are made from vegetable nylon and are attached to a thin metal wire which is flexible to allow you to reach into awkward corners. They make a great addition to your eco bathroom.



Nylon is used for the bristles because currently it is the best material for dental brushes. These bristles are made of nylon 610 which is a significant improvement compared to regular nylon - which uses petroleum. Unfortunately, nylon 610 does not yet result in 100% biodegradable bristles so you will need to snip off the bristle head and dispose of it in landfill waste. The main part of the interdental brush is bamboo which will quicky decompose in your green waste bin or compost heap.



Supplied in a pack of 6

Available in ISO Size 2 or ISO Size 3





Bamboo Interdental Brushes


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