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Plastic-free dish brush stand to keep your wooden (or bamboo) washing-up brush tidy and ready for use.


The stainless steel stand has a hook at the top on which to hang your washing up brush after use, while the stainless steel drip tray at the bottom catches any stray drops, keeping your sink area dry and free from puddles.


Our long-handled bamboo dish brush fits the stand perfectly, as do most other wooden dish brushes, up to a maximum overall length of about 25cm (including bristles and hanging loop). 


Allowing your natural washing-up brush to dry properly between uses is the best way to keep the handle and bristles in good condition and to prolong its life.


The dish brush stand should give you many years of faithful use, but when it has outlived its usefulness, the metal upright and drip tray are stainless steel so can be readily recycled while the beech wood base can be composted or added to your green waste collection.


Supplied in plastic free packaging, the dish brush stand requires very basic self-assembly (to screw the vertical stand into the base) before use.


This item consists of the dish brush stand only. Our long handled dish brushes are available to buy separately.



Keeps dish brushes tidy and dry

FSC® certified beech wood base

Stainless steel upright and tray


Overall height: 27cm (approx)

Distance from base of hook to drip tray: 25cm (approx)

Wooden base: 9.5cm diameter  (approx)

Recyclable cardboard packaging




Dish Brush Stand


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