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This kitchen and bathroom loofah will be indispensable in your eco-friendly home. Use it as a gentle scrubber for your washing up, or for cleaning your bath and sink.


When it arrives, the loofah scrubbing pad is stiff and inflexible, but when run under the tap it quickly become softer and more pliable, so that you can bend it to clean inside mugs or around taps. Unlike a plastic scourer, the loofah is an entirely natural product and therefore sheds no environmentally polluting micro-plastics when in use.


The loofah scrubber pad is robust and very long-lasting. Rinse and leave to dry after each use to prolong its life. There is a sisal sewn in loop so that it's easy to hang it up to dry.


Made of the natural loofah plant, the loofah scrubber is completely biodegradable. When it has outlived its usefulness, just cut it up and put it in your compost bin or green waste collection.



Made of the natural loofah plant

Sisal loop for hanging

100% biodegradable

Pack contains one loofah scrubbing pad

Each loofah pad measures approx 11 x 7cm

Non scratch

Grown and made in Europe

Kitchen and Bathroom Loofah


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