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This reusable metal safety razor is the perfect zero waste replacement for plastic 'disposable' razors, and is supplied in totally plastic-free packaging.


The razor comes in a unisex shade of blue. The handle is made from brass and the head from zinc alloy, while the blades are stainless steel, so the razor is recyclable and also will not rust.


The long handle and textured grip enable you to shave safely in harder to reach areas.


In addition to the reusable razor, the attractive box also contains a cotton storage bag as well as 5 replacement blades* (if eligible, see below). 


When you've finished with each blade, store them in a stainless steel tin, then place the tin the metal recycling. (Our razor blade disposal tin is ideal for this purpose.) The razor itself should give you many years of use. When you no longer need it, simply place it in the recycling with other metal items.


You might want to try our handmade and additive free shaving soap, which is suitable for use on the face, legs or body.



To prolong the life of the razor, rinse and dry it after each use and store it away from moisture. Place the razor head down in the cotton bag for storage. Replace the blades as they become dull.


Keep the razor and blades out of the reach of children, and always handle with care.



Made from brass, zinc alloy and stainless steel

Includes 5 spare razor blades* if eligible (see below)

Cotton storage bag

100% plastic free
Recyclable packaging


* Note on sale of razor blades

Due to legal restrictions on online sales of bladed items to under 18 year olds, we are unable to sell the razor blades along with the safety razor if your order requires postal delivery, however razor blades suitable for safety razors are readily available in most pharmacies. Select the 'safety razor only' option when you make your purchase.


If you are purchasing the razor with local delivery we can include the razor blades along with the razor because we will be able to check that you are over 18 upon delivery. Select the 'safety razor and blades' option when you make your purchase.

Reusable Safety Razor - Blue


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