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Enjoy luxurious lather for a smoother shave with this eco-friendly shaving brush. Made of renewable bamboo with high quality, soft synthetic bristles, the shaving brush is vegan, cruelty free and sustainable.


Not only is bamboo a super sustainable material (it's one of the fastest growing plants on the planet), it is also naturally anti-bacterial and water resistant, making it a great choice for the handle of the shaving brush.


Shaving brush bristles are traditionally made with badger bristle, but this brush uses synthetic vegan bristles which are soft on the skin and create a rich lather from your favourite shaving soap.


The vegan shaving brush is durable and should give you plenty of service, but when it has outlived its usefulness, the wooden body can be composted or added to your green waste collection. (The synthetic bristles are not currently recycled and will need to go in your main waste collection.)


Key features

Handle: Sustainable bamboo

Bristles: Soft synthetic bristles

Overall height: 10cm

Diameter of handle: 2.5cm

Diameter of bristles: 4cm (approx)

Vegan and cruelty free

Recyclable cardboard packaging


Vegan Shaving Brush


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