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Bar of creamy Shaving Soap, scented with patchouli and lemongrass, and suitable for use on the face and body.


This palm oil free Shaving Soap is made from a blend of ethically sourced, high quality oils, butters and fats together with natural bentonite clay (also known as fullers earth) to provide a deep cleansing and smooth shaving experience


Handmade in small batches in Yorkshire, the all natural Shaving Soap is gentle enough to be used on the face, body or legs without the drying or irritation sometimes experienced when using commercial shaving products.


Free from plastics, palm oil, and parabens, the Shaving Soap contains no artificial fragrances, colourings or additives. The packaging is entirely paper based and is recyclable and biodegradable.


How to use

Gently wet the bar of Shaving Soap and massage it either in your hands or directly onto the area of skin to be shaved. The special blend of oils in the soap creates a gentle lather while the bentonite clay forms a smooth, slippery surface on the skin which ensures that the razor glides smoothly, giving you a close and efficient shave without irritating your skin.


Key features

Approx 55g (handmade so there is slight variation between bars)

Free from palm oil, parabens, and SLS

Free from artificial additives

No added colourings

Cruelty free

Plastic free

Recyclable and compostable packaging

Handmade in Yorkshire



Sodium cocoate, sodium olivate, glycerin, sodium beeswaxate, patchouli oil, lemongrass essential oil, bentonite clay

Shaving Soap


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