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The perfect partner for your reusable safety razor, this steel blade disposal tin will store your used blades securely and then allow them to be recycled safely.


The disposal tin holds up to 100 double-edged razor blades so should last you well over a year (depending on how frequently you change your blades), keeping the loose blades out of reach of unwary fingers.


Compact and stylish, the steel tin will blend unobtrusively with any bathroom decor.


How to use the blade disposal tin

When you replace the blade in your safety razor, carefully drop the used blade into the slot in the top of the tin.


When the tin is full, carefully tape up the slot and then place the filled tin in your metal recycling. The tin and the contents can then be safely recycled together without any risk to recycling operatives.



The base of the tin is tight fitting but it is possible to prise it open if absolutely necessary, but you should exercise extreme caution if you choose do so.


Note: Item consists of the disposal tin only. The reusable safety razor is available separately.



Materials: Tin coated steel

Dimensions: 64mm x 54mm x 45mm

Slot size: 55mm x 2mm

Holds up to 100 double-sided razor blades

100% recyclable

Plastic free


Razor Blade Disposal Tin


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