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For tough cleaning without plastic, reach for these stainless steel scourers. They're a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic scourers.


Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, the scourers are great for cleaning hard surfaces such as pots and pans, griddles, grills and barbecues. Despite being made of steel, the scouring pads are springy and malleable, making them ideal for getting into awkward corners and crevices to remove burnt on food, grease and other debris.


Although soft and comfortable to handle, the stainless steel scourers are not recommended for use on non-stick or delicate surfaces. If in any doubt, test on an inconspicuous area first.


The stainless steel scourers are resistant to rust and bacteria. When they've outlived their usefulness, just add them to your metal recycling collection.


Care of the stainless steel scourer

To prolong the life of the stainless steel scourer, don't leave it sitting in water for extended periods. After use, rinse away any debris and allow it to dry out.


Key features

Pack contains three scourers

100% stainless steel

Dimensions: approx 7cm in diameter x 3cm high

Rust resistant

Plastic free

Free from toxic chemicals

Completely recyclable

Recycled cardboard packaging



Stainless Steel Scourers - 3 Pack


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