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If you’re wanting to move to plastic free products, these bamboo salt and spice pots are a perfect solution for storing your salt, pepper or dried spices. And in the long run, they will make buying spices cheaper: rather than buying a new jar each time when you just want the contents, you can just buy the refills from your supermarket or zero waste store and decant them into your bamboo pot.


The bamboo pot measures 9cm x 7cm, and features a sliding lid with a magnetic closure. It is suitable for storing salt, chilli flakes, peppercorns, or any dried spice, as well as any other small items around the house. It's not just functional, but also look gorgeous, so would happily grace any kitchen counter or dining table.



Made from sustainable bamboo

Measures 9cm x 7cm

Sliding lid with magnetic closure


Price is per individual pot


Why choose bamboo?

Bamboo is a great alternative to plastic, because it’s fast growing, needs little water and no harmful pesticides or herbicides for it to grow well, and is naturally renewable. So, when you’re starting to think about your sustainable living journey bamboo products are a great place to start.



This chunky bamboo pot should serve you well for many years, but when it has finally outlived its usefulness, just pop it into your green waste bin or compost heap where it will safely biodegrade.



Bamboo Salt and Spice Pot


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