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If you love buying your daily dose of caffeine from the coffee shop, but hate the waste that is generated each time you throw away your takeaway cup, this reusable coffee cup is the solution for you, and will take you a step closer to sustainable living.


Made from heat resistant glass, the reusable coffee cup comes with a thermal sleeve to protect your hand from the heat whilst keeping your drink hot.  The non-slip silicone sleeve is available in gold, red or dark grey, and has the EcoLiving logo etched on one side. The cup's leak-proof lid fits tightly to prevent your drink from spilling whilst you’re on the move.


The cup holds 340ml (which is about 12 fluid ounces) so it's big enough to hold a standard hot drink from your favourite cafe or from any of the big chains. Specifically, it holds the equivalent of a Starbuck's Tall, a Caffe Nero Regular, a Costa Primo or any Pret coffee.



More and more coffee shops are offering discounts on your coffee and tea if you bring a reusable cup – so not only are you helping to save the planet by reducing waste, your reusable cup will cut costs for the coffee shop and save you money in the long term.


They also make great presents for any lovers of takeaway coffee!



The glass cup and the silicone sleeve and lid are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. (Note, don't be tempted to re-heat your drink in the microwave with the lid in place.)



The reusable coffee cup is sturdily made of glass and silicone and should last you many years. However when the cup has outlived its usefulness, glass is widely recycled. Silicone in itself is a very recyclable material, although it can be hard to find a recycling plant that handles it. You will need to check what is available in your area. 



Cup: heat-resistant glass

Sleeve and lid: silicone 

Non-slip sleeve

Volume: 340ml / 12 fluid ounces

BPA free

Plastic free

Recyclable packaging

Reusable Glass Coffee Cup


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