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Citric acid is a useful addition to every eco-friendly home, and this generous 750g bag of citric acid powder should keep you going for some time!


Citric acid is a weak natural acid that is great for:

  • descaling kettles, coffee machines, shower heads, etc
  • removing limescale from your washing machine
  • cleaning toilet bowls
  • getting rid of stains and mildew
  • removing rust
  • cleaning windows


We also find that citric acid works well as a replacement for white vinegar in general household cleaning applications, which is useful if you want to avoid that distinctive vinegar smell!


As this citric acid powder is food grade it is also safe to use in food preparation and preservation, for example when making elderflower champagne, fruit cordials, jams, jellies, sweets, sherbet and even soft cheeses.


More information

Watch our short video on using citric acid to descale a kettle.

> See our blog post Five uses for citric acid

> See our recipe for homemade elderflower cordial

Download our free Eco-Cleaning Handbook for more suggestions for making your own home cleaning products.



This 750g pack of citric acid powder is supplied in a resealable pouch, but to ensure that the contents remain completely dry we recommend that you decant them into a jar or other lidded container. Whether stored in the pouch or in your own sealed container, keep the citric acid powder away from heat and moisture, and keep it out of reach of children.



Citric acid itself is biodegradable. The pouch is made of kraft paper and lined with a plant-based film, both of which are home compostable and 100% plastic free.



Can cause serious eye irritation. Read the label before use, and wear protective gloves or other protection as appropriate for the application in which you are using the product, and wash hands after use.



Contains 750g


Food grade

Vegan friendly


100% plastic-free 

Home compostable packaging


Note that the jar and scoop are not included!

Citric Acid


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