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Natural bleach is a safe non-toxic and eco-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach. (It is also sometimes called green bleach, oxygen bleach, sodium percarbonate, or percarbonate of soda.)


Uses for natural bleach include:

  • for pre-soaking clothes to remove stains
  • as a stain removing boost to your normal laundry detergent
  • as a general cleaner and disinfectant (excellent for bins and toilets but suitable for most other surfaces too)
  • for unblocking and cleaning sinks
  • to sterilise home brew and preserving equipment


Made from soda crystals with added hydrogen peroxide, the natural bleach is only activated when mixed with water. Once activated  it works to disinfect, clean and sanitise like a standard bleach, but after a couple of hours it breaks down into harmless sodium carbonate, hydrogen and oxygen. This means that it does not go on to pollute water systems or damage the environment when you pour it away afterwards - unlike chlorine bleach.


The natural bleach leaves no toxic residues, so unlike chlorine bleach not only is it safe for the environment it is also food safe. This means that you can use it as a cleaning agent for home brewing and preserving equipment, and also for cleaning fish tanks and bird feeders (always read the manufacturer's instructions first and rinse well).


More information

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This 750g pack of natural bleach is supplied in a resealable pouch, but we recommend that you decant the contents into a jar or other lidded container. Whether stored in the pouch or in your own sealed container, keep the natural bleach in a cool dry place, and out of reach of children.



The natural bleach itself breaks down harmlessly into water, oxygen and sodium when mixed with water. The pouch is made of kraft paper and lined with a plant-based film, both of which are home compostable and 100% plastic free.


Key features

Contains 750g of sodium percarbonate

Food safe


100% plastic-free 

Home compostable packaging


Note that the jar and scoop are not included!

Natural Bleach


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