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Amber glass bottle with a plastic trigger spray head.


This amber glass spray bottle is perfect for any number of uses around the home, especially for containing your eco-friendly cleaning products from your local refill store.


You can also use the glass spray bottle for any of your homemade household products, such as shower cleaner or room freshener.

(See our Eco Life blog for more information on making your own cleaning products.)


The spray bottle is also ideal for misting plants, spritzing hair when styling, dampening clothes when ironing, etc, etc.


The bottle is made of thick amber glass which helps to protect the contents from sunlight, and holds 500ml.


To see the trigger spray bottle in action, watch this short video clip on our YouTube channel.


The amber glass bottle is also available with a pump action head, ideal for dispensing eco-friendly washing up liquid, hand soap or shampoo.


** Limited time offer: Buy one amber glass bottle and get two free self-adhesive black labels for your bottle **



You can reuse the spray bottle indefinitely. Even if the trigger spray eventually fails, you can easily replace this with another spray head, or just use an ordinary screw cap on the bottle. If you decide that you no longer have use for the bottle, glass is very widely recycled. The spray head is made of plastic (including 35% recycled material), so can be recycled with other plastic items where facilities exist.


Key features

Bottle: amber glass

Trigger spray: plastic (including 35% recycled)

Volume 500ml

Weight 260g



Amber Glass Spray Bottle


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