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Soda crystals (also known as washing soda or soda ash) are a traditional multi-purpose cleaner for laundry and around the home.


Soda crystals are a form of sodium carbonate and are particularly effective at cleaning heavily soiled surfaces, removing odours, lifting grease and unblocking pipes. Soda crystals are more alkaline than bicarbonate of soda, with a pH of 11, which makes them good for tougher cleaning jobs and for  laundry applications.


You can use soda crystals to:

  • remove stains from clothes
  • boost your laundry detergent (by softening water and lifting dirt from fabric)
  • clean your washing machine
  • soak dirty pans to break down grease
  • clear blocked pipes
  • clean heavily soiled surfaces and floors
  • clean fridges
  • neutralise odours
  • clean toilets
  • clean and deodorise bins


Plus hundeds of other uses around the home! For some more ideas

> See our blog post Five Uses for Washing Soda


Download our free Eco-Cleaning Handbook for more suggestions for making your own home cleaning products.



This 750g pack of soda crystals is supplied in a resealable pouch, but to ensure that the contents remain completely dry between uses we recommend that you decant it into a jar or other lidded container. Whether stored in the pouch or in your own container, keep the soda crystals away from heat and moisture, and keep it out of reach of children.



Soda crystals are simply sodium carbonate which is completely biodegradable. The pouch is made of kraft paper and lined with a plant-based film, both of which are plastic free and home compostable - just cut the pouch up into small pieces and add to your compost bin.



Wear protective gloves when handling and wash hands after use.

Can cause serious eye irritation.

Do not use on aluminium or on wood containing tannins.



Contains 750g

Cruelty free


100s of uses


100% plastic-free packaging

Packaging is home compostable


Note that the jar and scoop are not included!

Soda Crystals


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