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This neat bamboo ruler is the perfect addition to your plastic-free pencilcase.


Made from sustainable bamboo, the ruler is strong but lightweight - as well as being more difficult to snap than its standard plastic alternative!


With centimetre markings on one side, and inches on the other, the bamboo ruler is handy for any measuring, underlining or geometry-related task. It's ideal for use at home or school.


Its compact size (15cm) makes the ruler easy to fit into a pencilcase, slip into a shirt pocket or tuck behind your ear.


Natural bamboo is tough and resilient so the ruler should give you years of faithful use, but when it has outlived its usefulness you can add it to your home compost bin or green waste collection where it will harmlessly biodegrade. 



Made from sustainable bamboo

15cm markings along one edge, 6 inch markings along the other


100% plastic free

Compostable and biodegradable

Bamboo ruler


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