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Bundle of 5 plastic-free ballpoint pens.


With the body and lid made of recycled Kraft paper, and the ink chamber and nib made of steel, all parts of these plastic-free ballpoint pens are either recyclable or biodegradable.


The pens are light and comfortable to hold, and the ballpoint nib provides an exceptionally smooth writing experience. (One of our customers even uses them for drawing her art projects.)


Because the barrel of the pen is made of paper, it has the added benefit that you can write or draw on it to personalise your pen - and hopefully stop people from walking off with it!



When the ink in one of paper pens has finally run out, soak the pen in water for 5 minutes, and then unravel the paper to reveal the steel ink tube inside. The paper can then be added to your compost bin or green waste collection where it will harmlessly rot down, and the ink tube can be recycled with other metals.


Key features

Bundle of 5 paper ballpoint pens

Black ink

Approx 14.5 cm long

Body and lid: recycled Kraft paper

Ink chamber and nib: steel

Recyclable (steel) / biodegradable (paper)

100% plastic-free

Made in China

Paper Ballpoint Pens - 5 Pack


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