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Set of three bamboo weaning spoons with soft silicone bowls.


With brightly coloured soft bowls, these plastic-free weaning spoons are gentle on baby's mouth and also gentle on the planet.


The sturdy bamboo handles are easy for babies to hold when they are ready to try feeding themselves, and the cheerfully coloured ends make meal times more fun.


Caring for the weaning spoons

Wash the spoons in warm soapy water and leave them to air dry. Don't leave them sitting in water.

Being made from bamboo, the spoons are not dishwasher safe or microwave safe

Do not boil or steam sterilise the spoons.



This item is discounted because there is a mark on the packaging, however this does not affect the spoons inside.



Pack of 3 spoons with blue, green and orange bowls

Dimensions: 14.3cm x 3.3 cm

Handles: FSC certified bamboo

Bowls: BPA free silicone

Recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging

Bamboo Weaning Spoons

£10.00 Regular Price
£8.50Sale Price

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