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Make a cup of loose leaf tea the easy way with this zero waste tea infuser


Fancy a single cup of tea but don't want to reach for the tea bags? Use this neat tea infuser instead. Making tea with loose leaf tea generates much less waste (just tea leaves) and there's no need to worry about the possible presence of plastic in your tea bags.

How to use the tea infuser

Just pop a teaspoon of your favourite tea leaves into the stainless steel bowl, carefully press on the silicone seal, and place the infuser into a cup or mug. Pour over boiling water, use the wooden handle to give the infuser a stir then leave the tea to infuse according to taste. When your tea is the desired colour, remove the infuser and stand it on its wooden saucer.


To clean the tea infuser after use, peel off the silicone seal from the metal bowl. Note that the seal is very tight so don't pull on the wooden handle to release the seal - this can damage the handle. Instead prise the seal off with your thumb. Empty the tea leaves from the bowl into your compost bin and rinse out the bowl. Leave to air dry.


The handle and the saucer are made of untreated wood, so do not leave either of them sitting in liquid for extended periods. 



Take care when pressing the seal down onto the stainless steel bowl because the edge of the metal is fairly thin. You'll soon get the knack, but it could be tricky for those with reduced dexterity.

* Not suitable for children. This is not a toy. *



Item consists of: handle with seal, metal bowl and saucer

Handle and saucer: untreated beechwood

Bowl: stainless steel

Seal: food grade FDA approved silicone

Dimensions: 13.5 cm x 4.5cm

Zero Waste Tea Infuser


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