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As more and more of us search out plastic free products for cleaning, this Lemongrass Dish Soap really fits the bill. It is a great alternative to using washing-up liquid, which almost always comes in a plastic bottle.


The solid dish soap has a lovely fresh lemongrass scent and lathers well, making light work of your dirty dishes. It works particularly well when partnered with our plastic-free dish brushes and pot scrubbers.


Tip: If you live in a hard water area, try adding a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to your washing up water. This will help your dish soap to lather more.


The dish soap comes with a coconut soap rest. This allows the dish soap to dry out between uses, which in turn helps to prolong its life, rather than turning the dish soap into a sludgy pool! The soap saver is made from natural coconut fibres and also doubles up as a scouring pad. Just remember to dry it out after scrubbing your pans in order to lengthen its life.


Key features of the dish soap

Coconut oil based

Ingredients: sodium cocoate, lemon oil, lemongrass oil, citric acid, sodium carbonate

Fresh lemongrass fragrance

Septic tank friendly

Plastic-free packaging

Naturally antiseptic

Borax and palm oil free


Net weight 130g

Made in the UK


Key features of soap rest

Coconut coir bonded with natural rubber

100% plastic free

Biodegradable and compostable




Dish Soap and Rest


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