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This wood and steel dustpan-and-brush set is the ultimate plastic-free workhorse for your home.


Made in Europe from FSC certified beechwood and steel, this sturdy dustpan and brush set makes sweeping up around the home a breeze. The chunky brush is easy to handle while the long tampico bristles effortlessly sweep up crumbs and other debris. The dustpan is made of steel with a beechwood handle, and the slim profile of its lip ensures that no crumbs get left behind.


As an added benefit, the brush neatly clips into the dustpan for efficient storage and is held in place by magnets in the handle. 


The plastic-free dustpan and brush set is very robust and should give you years of faithful service, but when it has outlived its usefulness the brush, bristles and pan handle are completely biodegradable while the steel pan is recyclable.


Care of the dustpan and brush

The brush and dustpan handle are made of natural materials so should not be left standing in water. If the metal pan gets wet, dry it with a cloth before putting it away.



Brush and dustpan handle: FSC certified beechwood

Bristles: Tampico (fibre from the agave plant)

Pan: Steel

100% plastic free

Brush measures 31cm x 3.5cm x 6.3cm (inc bristles)

Dustpan measures 22cm x 31cm x 5.5cm (max)

Weight: 513g

All materials biodegradable and recyclable

Made in Europe

Dustpan and Brush


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