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The Green Budget Guide: 101 Planet and Money Saving Tips, Ideas and Recipes by Nancy Birtwhistle


In her latest book, Great British Bake-Off winner and bestselling author Nancy Birtwhistle, shares 101 of her tried-and-tested tips and suggestions on how to run a planet friendly home on a limited budget, from rescuing burnt pans, removing mould, and reviving tired clothes, to cooking cost-effective meals and making homemade gifts.


Covering a wide range of topics to help you save money, reduce electricity usage, and deal with everday disasters around the home without spending a fortune, The Green Budget Guide is broken down into thematic sections including:

  • Laundry
  • Kitchen rescue
  • Home hacks
  • Clever kitchen
  • Flexi recipes
  • Celebrations and gifts


The Green Budget Guide is recommended reading for anyone wanting to reduce their impact on the environment whilst also saving money.


The Green Budget Guide is the ideal partner to Nancy Birtwhistle's bestselling book, Clean & Green which is packed with eco-friendly cleaning tips.




336 pages

Sunday Times bestselling author

101 planet and money saving tips


The Green Budget Guide


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