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Keep your bread fresh in style with this smart bread and produce bag made from striped cotton fabric.


Unlike a plastic bag, the natural fabric of the bread bag allows the bread inside to breathe, which reduces the risk of mould forming, and helps to keep the crust crisp. At the same time, the generously sized bread bag with its drawstring closure, shields the whole loaf from the outside air, slowing down the drying out process and keeping it free from dust and inquisitive insects.


Whilst ideal for your loaf of bread, the striped cotton bag is also perfect for storing vegetables such as potatoes and onions, and other fresh produce.


Made from 100% cotton, the bread bag has a classic French blue and white stripe, which will look at home in any style of kitchen.


Caring for your bread bag

To clean your bread bag, you can hand wash it in warm water, or machine wash it on a cool setting (up to 30 degrees). Shrinkage may occur if you wash the bag at higher temperatures.



Your bread bag should give you years of faithful service but when it has reached the end of its useful life you can cut it up into pieces and add it to your compost bin where it will harmlessly biodegrade.



Material: 100% cotton

Drawstring closure

Dimensions: 30cm x 38cm

Machine washable up to 30 degrees

Plastic free



Striped Bread Bag


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