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Disposable wipes have become a staple part of everyday life, used for everything from cleaning sticky hands and faces to household cleaning, but actually disposing of them is the issue. Fortunately, we’ve found the perfect alternative for your eco cleaning needs.


Made from bamboo and cotton, these reusable travel wipes are completely biodegradable. They fit neatly in your hand and your bag, so are ideal for cleaning on the go. The super soft bamboo side is perfect for cleaning little hands or bottoms, for make-up removal, and because they’re so absorbent, they are ideal for mopping up spills.


Unlike normal wet wipes, these travel wipes can be used over and over again – simply wash with your normal laundry and allow to dry.


When the wipes are no longer suitable for personal use, try using them as part of your household cleaning routine. And when they are no longer useful for that, cut them up and put them in your green waste or your compost bin.


The reusable travel wipes are made in Wales, are plastic free, suitable for vegans and are cruelty free.


Catherine says: "I absolutely love these, they are so useful and portable - I make sure I have some in my bag at all times, they're really handy for cleaning my glasses, wiping up spills and cleaning sticky fingers"

Reusable Travel Wipes


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